Psychology Notes

This is a summary made by attendees to conferences given by Silo in 1975 in Corfu and in 2006 in Argentina, including an appendix on the physiological basis of the psychism. The development presents the psychism as a function of life, develops the psychology of impulses, outlines techiques of of transformation and ends with a description of inspired states of consciousness.

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Psychology I
  • The Psychism
  • Apparatuses of the Psychism
  • Consciousness
  • Impulses
  • Behavior
  • Appendix: Physiological Bases of the Psychism
Psychology II
  • The Three Pathways of Human Experience: Sensation, Image and Remembrance
  • Specialization of Responses in Front of External and Internal Stimuli: The Centers
  • Levels of Work of the Consciousness. Reveries and Reverie Nucleus
  • Behavior. Formative Landscape
  • The System of Detection, Register and Operation. Senses, Imagination, Memory, Consciousness
  • Space of Representation
  • Impulses: Translation and Transformation
  • Operative
Psychology III
  • Catharsis, Transference and Self-Transference: Action in the World as Transferential Form
  • Scheme of the Integrated Work of the Psychism
  • The Consciousness and the "I"
  • Reversibility and the Altered Phenomena of Consciousness
  • The System of Representation in Altered States of Consciousness
Psychology IV
  • Impulses and the Diversification of Impulses
  • Consciousness, Attention and the "I"
  • Spatiality and Temporality of the Phenomena of Consciousness
  • Structures of Consciousness