Universal Root Myths

This book was written with the interest of comparing the basic systems of tension in which the peoples who formed the great myths of humankind lived.

«Universal Root Myths» in Several Languages
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Sumerian-Akkadian Myths
  • Gilgamesh and the Creation of His Double
  • The Cedar Forest
  • The Celestial Bull, the Death of Enkidu and the Descent to the Hells
  • The Universal Flood
  • The Return
Assyro-Babylonian Myths
  • The Original Chaos
  • The Gods and Marduk
  • The War of the Gods
  • The Creation of the World
  • The Creation of the Human Being
Egyptian Myths
  • Ptah and Creation
  • The Death and Resurrection of Osiris
  • Horus the Divine Avenger
  • The Antimyth of Amenophis IV
Hebrew Myths
  • The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life
  • Abraham and Obedience
  • The Man Who Fought Against God
  • Moses and the Divine Law
Chinese Myths
  • The Central Void
  • The Dragon and the Phoenix
Indian Myths
  • Fire, Torment and Exaltation
  • Time and the Gods
  • The Forms of Beauty and Horror
Persian Myths
  • The Clamor of Zarathustra
  • Light and Darkness
  • The Angels and the Savior: The End of the World, Resurrection and Judgement
Greco-Roman Myths
  • The Struggle Between the Generations of Inmortals
  • Prometheus and the Awakening of the Mortals
  • Demeter and Persephone: Death and Resurrection of Nature
  • Dionysus, the Divine Madness
Nordic Myths
  • Yggdrasil, the Tree of the World
  • Thor, the Valkyries and Valhalla: The Warrior and His Heaven
  • Ragnarök, the Destiny of the Gods
American Myths
  • The Lost History
  • Human Generations: The Man-Animal, The Man of Clay, the Man of Wood and the Man of Corn
  • The Destruction of the False Principal Macaw at the Hands of the Master Wizard and Little Sorcerer
  • The Ball Game in the Hells: Descent, Death, Resurrection and Ascent of Master Wizard and Little Sorcerer